About us

The meeting of innovative business minds

We are probably Cambridge’s longest established business club where senior executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals, scientists, academics and technologists come together and meet over quarterly dinners in the relaxed atmosphere and splendid surroundings of a 15th Century Cambridge College.

Cambridge100 is a rather special business dining club that encourages insightful and interesting conversation and debate amongst business men and women from the region, regarding the current issues that challenge and enhance, innovation in technology and business.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and our Dinners are not like other traditional networking events, as we aim to offer a space where people build relationships that grow into positive opportunities - after all business is about people, and our dinners present a great opportunity for business relationships to be cultivated and developed.

You don't have to be a member to attend our dinners, and membership is free to join

Attending a Cambridge100 Dinner

  • We hold dinners four times a year, in the unique setting of one of Cambridge's most iconic colleges, Jesus College
  • Our dinners provide the opportunity to meet prominent business leaders, regional innovators and investors
  • You will hear from stimulating and insightful speakers, at the forefront of business and innovation
  • There is plenty of opportunity for networing with fellow attendees involved in business, technology and innovation
  • Our dinners provide a unique and fantastic opportunity for guests to entertain business connections