Our speaker:  RayAnderson

Opportunities presented by mobile internet.


Ray is Chief Executive of Bango, the only open, global platform that gives content providers fast and easy access to the huge opportunity presented by the emergence of the mobile internet.

He co-founded Bango in 1999 after realising that the convergence of internet connectivity with the ubiquity and new functionality provided by internet connected mobile devices could open up huge opportunities for content and service providers.
Formerly at IXI Limited (GUI company – not Mobile!), Ray established the industry standard network GUI – X.desktop. IXI was an early leader in the creation of the web.

Before IXI Ray was a co-founder of Torch Computers. Its software was sold to Steve Jobs when he was starting Next. He also worked for Acorn Computers, The General Electric Company and Sinclair Research.

Ray is an entrepreneur and innovator. He holds a 1st Class Degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University. He is a keen pilot and says his speciality is starting and growing businesses that come to dominate their sector.



Our Speaker



Mark de Rond - our speaker for the Winter Dinner.

Ray Anderson

CEO Bango

Thursday 1st November 2018

Prioress’s Room Jesus College Cambridge

6:45 pm to 10:45 pm

£75 / head

including pre-dinner drinks, a talk by our guest speaker, and gourmet dinner with wine.

No membership required.


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