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We invite men and women at the top of their professions to speak about the challenges most relevant to business today. Topics range from managing effective surgical teams in Helmond Province; innovations in synthetic biology; the impact of polar research on our society; crowdfunding solutions for major corporations; managing complex digital branding programmes; developing a world beating mobile payment platform (which Bill Gates said wouldn’t work!); the fight against global antibiotic resistance; ways to combat cyber-crime in the business world; and so forth.

In fact, our dinners always provide a fascinating and informative evening that clearly reflects the brilliance of the talent our region has to offer – and something you too can witness.

Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley

Director of Innovation & Impact.

British Antarctic Survey

Unlocking the potential of polar research

January 2019

Ray Anderson

CEO Bango

Opportunities presented by mobile internet

November 2018

Mariana Pereira

Marketing Director at Darktrace

Artificial Intelligence as a Fundamental Enabler for Cyber Defence

July 2018

Tom Cassidy

Co-founder Cambridge Leadership College

Emergence, Economics and Evolution

May 2018

Rachel Davies

Founder of Rachel’s Kitchen

A Recipe for Success through Innovation

Spring 2018

Mark de Rond

Professor of Organizational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

Things effective teams do differently

Winter 2017

Rachel Hurst

COO Domino Printing

Keeping up with the Domino effect

Summer 2017

Peter Cowley

Entrepreneur and start-up Investing Angel

From Electric Pogo sticks to HiTec start-ups

Spring 2017

Simon Galbraith

CEO, Redgate Software

Attempting to Win After Winning

Winter 2016

Dr David Brown FRSC

Chair, Healx

The War on Antibiotic Resistance

April 2017

Antibiotic Resistance – Impact & Solutions

Spring 2016

Alan Moore

Business Visionary

Modern organisations – too complex to control

Winter 2015

Sushovan Hussein

Partner, Invoke Capital

Turning new tech into big business

Summer 2015

Fran Brosan

Chair, Omobono

Digital in the workplace – friend or foe?

Spring 2015

Quintus Travis

CEO, Red Balloon

How a small Cambridge tech company attracted a global giant

Winter 2014

David Cushman

Social media entrepreneur

Open business, the way forward

Autumn 2014

Dr Ian Lewis

Director IT Infrastructure, University of Cambridge

How to nurture a world-class organisation within Cambridge

Summer 2014

Prof Alan Barrell

Entrepreneur in Residence, Judge Business School

Crowdfunding and the new world of enterprise finance

Spring 2014

Dr Christoph Wiesner


Creating the right environment for Innovation

Winter 2013

Dr Andy Richards

Chair, Altacore

The personalisation of medicine. Is now the time?

Summer 2013

Prof Mike Gregory

Director, Institute of Manufacturing

Making the most of ideas and the role of manufacturing 

Spring 2013

Dr David Hall

Founder, The Ideas Centre

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Spring 2013


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