Our next Dinner

Thursday 9th May 2019

The meeting of innovative business minds

We are one of Cambridge’s longest-established business clubs where senior executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, technologists, business professionals and creatives, come together and meet four times a year over dinner in the relaxed atmosphere and splendid surroundings of 15th century Jesus College, in the heart of Cambridge.

Cambridge 100 is a not-for-profit organisation.

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Our Speaker

Dik Veenman

MD The Right Conversation

Changing Culture One Conversation at a Time

Through 20 years working with Ofcom, ITV, British Airways, Bank of England, and many other major corporations, Dik uses his “Speak Up” programme to challenge senior execs to significantly improve internal communications, creating a much healthier company culture.

May Dinner 2019

9th May 2019


Prioress's Room & Upper Hall
Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8BL

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